Self-Build Displays: Twist System

When starting out in the exhibiting world, there are lots of options available to showcase your brand. You can have your exhibition stand designed and built for you, or you can have a self-build display. These displays are incredibly popular for first-time exhibitors. This blog series will take us through some of the options available out there for the self-build display market.

Twist System

The Twist System is an incredibly popular option when it comes to the self-build display market. It’s easy to transport, it looks professional and can really help your company stand out at any exhibition. The best part that it’s the fraction of a designed and built stand.

Twist is available in three different heights; 2.13m, 2.385m and 2.830m. As it is a modular system, you can have varying heights in your twist stand, curved sections, and straight sections. You can create full walls that are full of your company’s branding. The beauty of its modularity means, that you can use as much or as little of the framework that you have at each exhibition. The graphics on the twist system are seamless, creating a professional look for your company.

Compared to the other two blog posts we have done on self-build displays, the Twist System is one of the pricier options, however it’s one that will last your company a lifetime and can grow with your exhibition growth.

To learn more about what an investment in a Twist System can do for your marketing, contact one of the team:

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Self-Build Displays: Pull Up Banners

When starting out in the exhibiting world, there are lots of options available to showcase your brand. You can have your exhibition stand designed and built for you, or you can have a self-build display. These displays are incredibly popular for first-time exhibitors. This blog series will take us through some of the options available out there for the self-build display market.

Pull Up Banners

Our second blog is about another original display that you see often at all types of exhibitions and that is the humble pull up banner.

A simple, effective, and utterly portable system, it gives you branding in a matter of seconds! It rolls down into a simple carry bag that can go in the back of any vehicle or even slung over your shoulder on public transport.

The pull up banner system, generally has a set height of 2100mm but comes in varying widths, starting at 850mm, going up to 2400mm. You can have as many as you like to get your message across. They are great in more informal settings, or a conference type setting where you are speaking to a room but need branding dotted around.

They can be very cheap, the internet offers lots of options on these, or you can spend a little more with higher quality mechanisms and print. Pull-up banners are a fantastic option for all sizes of businesses.

There are lots of options when it comes to pull-up banners. If it’s a product that suits you, get in touch with one of the team:

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Self-Build Displays: Popup

When starting out in the exhibiting world, there are lots of options available to showcase your brand. You can have your exhibition stand designed and built for you, or you can have a self-build display. These displays are incredibly popular for first-time exhibitors. This blog series will take us through some of the options available out there for the self-build display market.

Popup Stands

Our first blog in this series is about pop-up stands. The original of the self-build market. It’s a fantastically practical and portable display that is fairly easy to construct and brand with magnetic panels.

There are a lot of different types and they come in varying sizes. The most common size being a 3×3 pop up, at a 2.5m height. They come curved, straight and even wavy! They are a fantastic and instant way to have some branding at any exhibition, large or small.

To construct, they are very simple. A simple hexagonal frame that ‘pops out’, after which you fix the graphics to the frame, using the pre-affixed magnetic tape and hooks. The drums that the displays come can fit into the back of hatchback car, making it a perfect and cost effective solution to go to any event.

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COVID-19 Solutions: Hospitality

This week, we’re pleased to announce some ‘off the shelf’ solutions for the hospitality sector, when they reopen to general public in July.

They are stylish partition walls with acetate clear sections. They are available in two styles, lattice or slatted. The finish is wood effect, or black or white. With dimensions of 1630mm h x 1000mm w x 200mm d , these screens are ideal for creating a hygienic physical barrier in restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, meeting areas, libraries, reception areas, casinos and hotels.

Multiples of the screens can be bought to create longer lines, right angles or any unique shape that you require.

We are also putting our exhibition stand building expertise to creating custom partition walls, with custom finishes and sizing to suit individual businesses. To learn more about how we can protect your staff and customers, get in touch with one of the team:

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COVID-19 Solutions

Here at Be Exhibitions, along with some of our suppliers, we have put our exhibition stand product knowledge, and re-imagined it to provide high quality solutions for keeping businesses COVID-19 secure.

These include a range of hygiene solutions, physical barriers and signage, as well as offering custom solutions for those more tricky places.

Download our PDFs below to find out more, or get in contact with one of the team now.

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5 Steps for Exhibition Success

Exhibiting is a big thing for any company to do, not matter how big or small the exhibition is. The challenge is making the event a success for you. We’re going to run through our top tips for exhibition success in this blog, starting with Data Collection.

Data Collection

Data Collection is crucial for making your exhibition a success. This is where you can measure your ROI by taking note of quality data to have those quality follow up sales conversations. Your data collection can also provide you with valuable marketing research for your next campaign or even event.

Be sure to collect your data securely, there are many ways of doing this. There a various apps, systems that could be used. One of our favourites is LeadR developed by MediaBase Direct. It allows you to customise a digital questionnaire that is in the form of an app on your chosen details and stores them securely for you until you are ready to download the data and use it.

Engage with Attendees

This might be the most single important tip to securing the success of your exhibition. You have four seconds to catch a passing eye’s attention. It is up to you and your staff to make the most of those four seconds. Ask a question, start a conversation. Unfortunately, attendees won’t necessarily come up to you for a conversation, so it’s your responsibility to do get them talking.

There is nothing worse than seeing stand personnel sat on their phones or laptops and giving off unapproachable body language.

Set Goals

There is quite a famous saying of ‘fail to plan, plan to fail.’ This is true with exhibitions.  You need to set goals that you want to achieve by attending the exhibition. Whether that’s qualifying and obtaining a certain amount of leads, or launching a new product and making sales there and then, you need to set your goals and make sure the team that will be on the stand on show days, have a clear understanding of the goals.

Training your stand staff in the best way to meet the goals that you set and ensuring that the follow up plan is airtight for the conversations after the event, will ensure great success for an exhibition.

Social Media

Social media is a key component of life it seems these days and this is true of exhibitions also. Many show organisers have dedicated social medial channels and streams for the event. Follow these, repost their content and tag the accounts to get onto their channels and their wider audience. Many events also use hashtags, include these in your posts to get the right following.

Remember to also use your own social media channels. These can be used to garner footfall to your stand by offering live demos, offers or broadcasting different clients that come to your exhibition stand.

Have Fun

Finally – our last tip for success is to simply, have fun! An exhibition is a chance to reignite the passion that you have for your company, product, and service offering. It is a new environment to talk within and a chance to build up camaraderie with colleagues that are on the stand also. The human, face to face interaction that exhibitions provide should be fun and personal. Keep on smiling and you will have success at your exhibition.

If you would like these tips on a handy PDF, contact us on

Attracting the Right Visitors

Exhibiting is only growing in current company marketing strategies, so what can you do to create a buzz around your stand before the event?

A lot of companies rely on the organisers to get visitors through the door to your stand and yes, that is part of their requirement as a show organiser. As an exhibitor, though, you can do a lot to help this. Active promotion of your attendance at a show via social media, email marketing campaigns, postal marketing campaigns etc can do a lot in order to secure the visitors that you would like to speak to coming to the event.

Most companies have databases of customers and prospects. A common way to get these customers and prospects to a show is to offer them a show exclusive offer. In exchange for them turning up to the event they get to know a little more about your business and potentially engage in a sale with you on the back of a show offer.

Additionally, if you’re inviting visitors to an event, possibly prospects you’ve found difficult to get into a meeting, then an exhibition in which they can meet many business contacts plus yourself, can be a great way of getting to do business with them. An exhibition provides something different in a busy person’s work schedule and the perfect time to have those conversations that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to.

Therefore, in the run up to your next exhibition; make sure you’re promoting the fact that you are. Through different marketing campaigns, this is a great opportunity to target the prospects that aren’t yet customers on your database. It’s also a chance to cement relationships with existing customers. Make sure your social media is alight with your stand number, your email campaigns are targeted and literature is up-to-date. It’s time to get inviting visitors!

mktgSHOWCASE Review

Wednesday saw us exhibiting at the lovely Newbury Racecourse with the mktgSHOWCASE team. It was a fantastic event with lots of opportunities for some great conversations from a number of great companies and representatives from around the Newbury area.

We had a great time showcasing the Linx modular system and it’s capabilities. We had a backlit counter with pantone sprayed sides and top. This served both as a great branding and functionality tool on the stand. We also had a bolt off dibond panel to add something a little more custom and something special for our stand.

We had lots of positive comments about the impact on our stand for the show. It generated a lot of interest from some very engaged delegates. It was great to be on the other side of the exhibition stand as well. After giving suggestions to our clients on how to create some great conversations it was good to put those tips into practise.

We’re already looking forward to the September event at St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton and look forward to seeing a whole fresh set of faces.

What does sustainability look like?

Sustainability means a lot of different things to different people. It might be that you’re consuming less meat, using less plastic. Swapping normal shampoo to a shampoo bar or just being more eco-conscious.

Now, as we’re aware, the exhibition industry isn’t great for it’s sustainability but there are some fantastic companies looking to change that. Organisers are taking more notice and for us at Be Exhibitions we’re doing a few things that we hope are contributing to our planet’s overall health.

We’re working to get to a paperless office, which is currently down to only 10% of our work requires paper copies of designs and that’s generally when we’re on site. We only use LED lights on our exhibition stands to lower the power consumed by our clients. We encourage clients to consider going a modular stand route with custom elements if they so wish to reduce the waste of MDF.

However, our biggest achievement has been our partnership with Mossy Earth which you can read more in our about page of the website ( But what does that look like for our clients. Well, after our clients’ display or stand has been delivered, we work out how much carbon was produced in the production of the graphics, framework, delivery/install and breakdown and plant the amount of trees accordingly to offset that carbon in Ireland.

Our clients then receive an email like the picture from this blog, with coordinates of where their trees are and can then use this in their own marketing. It may just be a small way at the moment that we’re doing to contribute to the reversal of our current planet’s course but we love this little bit of what we’re doing.

If you’d like to know more about how you can have a sustainable exhibition stand, get in touch with one of the team today on 01425 837005.

Trade Show Stats

I often come across exhibitors that have either, fallen out of love with exhibiting or have been disenchanted by a disappointing return that they may have seen. I love exhibitions and they’re still considered one of the best forms of marketing. Don’t take it from me though, take a look at the following stats:

64% of trade show attendees are not current customers of the exhibitor’s companies – this is going to provide lots of opportunities for meaningful conversations with new prospects. Source: Exhibit Surveys 2015

92% of trade show attendess say their main reason for attending trade shows is to see new products being featured – are you providing your best chance to get your new product or service noticed at your next exhibition? Source: CEIR: The Role and Value of Face to Face

The perception of a brand that is not represented at an event falls by 5%. This is true even for global brands. Make sure you’re at the key events in your industry, for publicity and brand awareness. “The Power of Live Events”

76% of exhibitors say that their event is integrated with their other marketing campaigns. Exhibitors are choosing to create content from their exhibitions, such as video to use throughout the year in their other marketing campaigns. Source: EventTrack 2016 Experiential Marketing Report

It takes an average of 4.5 sales calls to close a sale without an exhibition lead, and only 3.5 sales calls to close a lead from an exhibition. The advantage of building an initial rapport and relationship with your prospects in a face-to-face environment can give you a quicker sale. Source: CEIR: “The Cost effectiveness of Exhibition Participation: Part II”

81% of trade show attendess have buying authority – visitors at trade shows are often the decision makers from companies, using time from the office constructively. Take advantage of this. Source: CEIR: The Spend Decision: Analyzing how exhibits fit into the overall marketing

We love exhibitions and exhibiting and are always willing to talk to all kinds of exhibitors about how they can get the most from their budget and brief.