Self-Build Displays: Pull Up Banners

When starting out in the exhibiting world, there are lots of options available to showcase your brand. You can have your exhibition stand designed and built for you, or you can have a self-build display. These displays are incredibly popular for first-time exhibitors. This blog series will take us through some of the options available out there for the self-build display market.

Pull Up Banners

Our second blog is about another original display that you see often at all types of exhibitions and that is the humble pull up banner.

A simple, effective, and utterly portable system, it gives you branding in a matter of seconds! It rolls down into a simple carry bag that can go in the back of any vehicle or even slung over your shoulder on public transport.

The pull up banner system, generally has a set height of 2100mm but comes in varying widths, starting at 850mm, going up to 2400mm. You can have as many as you like to get your message across. They are great in more informal settings, or a conference type setting where you are speaking to a room but need branding dotted around.

They can be very cheap, the internet offers lots of options on these, or you can spend a little more with higher quality mechanisms and print. Pull-up banners are a fantastic option for all sizes of businesses.

There are lots of options when it comes to pull-up banners. If it’s a product that suits you, get in touch with one of the team:

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