Self-Build Displays: Twist System

When starting out in the exhibiting world, there are lots of options available to showcase your brand. You can have your exhibition stand designed and built for you, or you can have a self-build display. These displays are incredibly popular for first-time exhibitors. This blog series will take us through some of the options available out there for the self-build display market.

Twist System

The Twist System is an incredibly popular option when it comes to the self-build display market. It’s easy to transport, it looks professional and can really help your company stand out at any exhibition. The best part that it’s the fraction of a designed and built stand.

Twist is available in three different heights; 2.13m, 2.385m and 2.830m. As it is a modular system, you can have varying heights in your twist stand, curved sections, and straight sections. You can create full walls that are full of your company’s branding. The beauty of its modularity means, that you can use as much or as little of the framework that you have at each exhibition. The graphics on the twist system are seamless, creating a professional look for your company.

Compared to the other two blog posts we have done on self-build displays, the Twist System is one of the pricier options, however it’s one that will last your company a lifetime and can grow with your exhibition growth.

To learn more about what an investment in a Twist System can do for your marketing, contact one of the team:

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