Self-Build Displays: Popup

When starting out in the exhibiting world, there are lots of options available to showcase your brand. You can have your exhibition stand designed and built for you, or you can have a self-build display. These displays are incredibly popular for first-time exhibitors. This blog series will take us through some of the options available out there for the self-build display market.

Popup Stands

Our first blog in this series is about pop-up stands. The original of the self-build market. It’s a fantastically practical and portable display that is fairly easy to construct and brand with magnetic panels.

There are a lot of different types and they come in varying sizes. The most common size being a 3×3 pop up, at a 2.5m height. They come curved, straight and even wavy! They are a fantastic and instant way to have some branding at any exhibition, large or small.

To construct, they are very simple. A simple hexagonal frame that ‘pops out’, after which you fix the graphics to the frame, using the pre-affixed magnetic tape and hooks. The drums that the displays come can fit into the back of hatchback car, making it a perfect and cost effective solution to go to any event.

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