Attracting the Right Visitors

Exhibiting is only growing in current company marketing strategies, so what can you do to create a buzz around your stand before the event?

A lot of companies rely on the organisers to get visitors through the door to your stand and yes, that is part of their requirement as a show organiser. As an exhibitor, though, you can do a lot to help this. Active promotion of your attendance at a show via social media, email marketing campaigns, postal marketing campaigns etc can do a lot in order to secure the visitors that you would like to speak to coming to the event.

Most companies have databases of customers and prospects. A common way to get these customers and prospects to a show is to offer them a show exclusive offer. In exchange for them turning up to the event they get to know a little more about your business and potentially engage in a sale with you on the back of a show offer.

Additionally, if you’re inviting visitors to an event, possibly prospects you’ve found difficult to get into a meeting, then an exhibition in which they can meet many business contacts plus yourself, can be a great way of getting to do business with them. An exhibition provides something different in a busy person’s work schedule and the perfect time to have those conversations that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to.

Therefore, in the run up to your next exhibition; make sure you’re promoting the fact that you are. Through different marketing campaigns, this is a great opportunity to target the prospects that aren’t yet customers on your database. It’s also a chance to cement relationships with existing customers. Make sure your social media is alight with your stand number, your email campaigns are targeted and literature is up-to-date. It’s time to get inviting visitors!