5 Steps for Exhibition Success

Exhibiting is a big thing for any company to do, not matter how big or small the exhibition is. The challenge is making the event a success for you. We’re going to run through our top tips for exhibition success in this blog, starting with Data Collection.

Data Collection

Data Collection is crucial for making your exhibition a success. This is where you can measure your ROI by taking note of quality data to have those quality follow up sales conversations. Your data collection can also provide you with valuable marketing research for your next campaign or even event.

Be sure to collect your data securely, there are many ways of doing this. There a various apps, systems that could be used. One of our favourites is LeadR developed by MediaBase Direct. It allows you to customise a digital questionnaire that is in the form of an app on your chosen details and stores them securely for you until you are ready to download the data and use it.

Engage with Attendees

This might be the most single important tip to securing the success of your exhibition. You have four seconds to catch a passing eye’s attention. It is up to you and your staff to make the most of those four seconds. Ask a question, start a conversation. Unfortunately, attendees won’t necessarily come up to you for a conversation, so it’s your responsibility to do get them talking.

There is nothing worse than seeing stand personnel sat on their phones or laptops and giving off unapproachable body language.

Set Goals

There is quite a famous saying of ‘fail to plan, plan to fail.’ This is true with exhibitions.  You need to set goals that you want to achieve by attending the exhibition. Whether that’s qualifying and obtaining a certain amount of leads, or launching a new product and making sales there and then, you need to set your goals and make sure the team that will be on the stand on show days, have a clear understanding of the goals.

Training your stand staff in the best way to meet the goals that you set and ensuring that the follow up plan is airtight for the conversations after the event, will ensure great success for an exhibition.

Social Media

Social media is a key component of life it seems these days and this is true of exhibitions also. Many show organisers have dedicated social medial channels and streams for the event. Follow these, repost their content and tag the accounts to get onto their channels and their wider audience. Many events also use hashtags, include these in your posts to get the right following.

Remember to also use your own social media channels. These can be used to garner footfall to your stand by offering live demos, offers or broadcasting different clients that come to your exhibition stand.

Have Fun

Finally – our last tip for success is to simply, have fun! An exhibition is a chance to reignite the passion that you have for your company, product, and service offering. It is a new environment to talk within and a chance to build up camaraderie with colleagues that are on the stand also. The human, face to face interaction that exhibitions provide should be fun and personal. Keep on smiling and you will have success at your exhibition.

If you would like these tips on a handy PDF, contact us on info@beexhibitions.co.uk