Choosing the Right Stand Builder

Any working relationship is important. When working with another person or organisation, you want the process to be as smooth and successful as possible, so that both parties are delighted with the end result. 

The same goes for working with a stand builder. From the moment you begin working with each other, you want the relationship with your stand builder to thrive. 

But how do you know which stand builder to choose? And how do you decide who is the ‘right’ stand builder for you?

In this blog, we explain exactly how you can go about choosing a stand builder that fits with you, your business, and your future exhibitions. 

There are a range of questions that you should ask in order to figure out which stand builders could help successfully bring your vision to life. 

1. Do the company values of the stand builder align with your own? 

A company’s values are what make them… them. They’re at the heart of everything the business stands for and can be what sets them apart from their competitors.

So why would you work with a stand builder who disregards or disagrees with your values? 

Your exhibition stand is a representation of who you are, and therefore should convey those core values that you’ve worked hard to define. If you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of an attendee, you want those few seconds to portray your company as strongly as possible. 

Therefore, when you work with a stand builder who does not align with these core values, they are unlikely to do them justice. That’s why choosing a stand builder who understands your vision, your values, and your purpose as a brand, is so crucial.

You can read Be Exhibitions’ values here. 

2. Does the stand builder’s creative vision align with yours? 

Similarly to point 1, another key thing that you and your stand builder must agree on is creative visions. 

The way your company looks leaves a lasting impression – especially if an exhibition stand is the first thing a potential customer sees.

It’s crucial that your stand builder has a creative vision that aligns with yours in order to create a stand that you’re visually delighted with. They must understand what it is you’re wanting to achieve and how you’re hoping to achieve it in order to bring that vision to life. 

It’s always worth looking at previous stands designed by this stand builder and reading testimonials to see if they’ve achieved their customers’ creative visions in the past. 

3. Is the account handler helpful? 

An early sign as to whether or not the stand builder is a good fit for you is whether or not they’re helpful. 

When we say helpful, we mean:

  • Answering questions promptly
  • Dealing with organisers and their queries promptly
  • Advising any stand build/design decisions
  • Advising useful exhibition extras like promotional goods/branded goods

A helpful account handler makes all the difference. They add value to your exhibition stand experience, making your life easier and your stand the best it can be. 

4. What accreditations do they have? 

Besides ESSA (Event Supplier and Service Association), do these stand builders have any accreditations that demonstrate their commitment to crafting exceptional exhibition stands? Or accreditations that are important to your brand?

At Be Exhibitions, we are a member of ESSA. In fact, Ellen, our Director, is the Young Person of the Year for ESSA. Recently she’s been achieving individual accreditations in health and safety, to ensure we’re as up-to-date and in the know as possible. 

We are also a member of the Good Business Charter.

5. Is the experience enjoyable so far? 

Of course, most things come with a little stress. But one of the main purposes of working with a stand builder is to be able to offload that stress and immense responsibility onto a professional, meaning hassle on your end should be minimal. 

From the initial consultation right through the day of the exhibition (and beyond), this collaboration should be an enjoyable experience, and something you walk away from with positivity. If this isn’t how you feel with a stand builder, then they’re not the right one for you.

Work with Be Exhibitions 

With all this in mind, if you’d be interested in creating a strong relationship with a stand builder who is passionate about honesty, personal touch, quality and sustainability, get in touch. 

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