Top 6 things to consider when including products on your stand

Your products are at the core of your business. Without them, where would your business be? That’s why including your products on your exhibition stand is so crucial – but it needs to be done right.

Exhibitions are a unique chance for potential customers to interact directly with your products – to see them face-to-face and touch, hear, and see them in action. However, there are a number of things that businesses often overlook when it comes to exhibition stands, and many of these are related to the way in which they display their products.

To avoid taking the focus away from your products, we’re sharing 6 things to consider when creating your perfect exhibition stand.

1. Stand spacing

Will multiple people want to interact with your products at once? The chances are, they will.

At exhibitions, you’re likely to be welcoming groups of people wanting to touch and experience your products, and you need to ensure you’re allocating enough space for this.

If your products are all crammed together or placed in the corner, people are more likely to simply look from afar while others engage, or walk past altogether, resulting in missed opportunities.

We recommend spacing out your products and leaving sufficient room for multiple people to get involved at the same time.

2. Internet requirements 

Do your products need an internet connection? Don’t overlook this, it could be the difference between brilliant demos and hours of network issues.

Typically speaking, the internet at events is slow and expensive, and to get a decent download speed you have to spend a lot of money.

Because of this, many businesses may decide not to rely on the capabilities of the event wifi and will instead bring personal hotspots, especially if they have many products running on a single internet connection.

3. Software demonstrations

The internet can also play a huge part in software demonstrations. Your hardware is key to ensuring any software demonstrations show the product in its best light – from the minimum hardware requirements, availability of demo data, size of screens and more.

If you can set up your demos to run locally instead of via the internet, life will be a lot easier and much less expensive. It wouldn’t necessarily make a difference to stand design, but would make a big impact on budget.

Furthermore – you must test, test, test before the show! Test with internet, without internet, in the office, at home, at a public space, anywhere and everywhere to make sure that any kinks are ironed out before the show. This will save an enormous amount of time and stress during build up and during the event itself.

4. Electrical needs 

What needs power, how much is needed, and how accessible is it?

No matter the size of your exhibition stand, adequately powering your electrical products is fundamental. If incorrect – whether that be too little power, too few points, or even too much power, there can be terrible consequences.

Usually, an exhibition organiser will ask for your power needs in advance, meaning you should turn up on the day with exactly what you asked for. However, this means being prepared ahead of time and knowing which products need powering and where they’ll be on your stand.

Plus, bringing a few spare extension cords is never a bad idea. 

If exhibiting abroad, you also need to consider adaptors. For more tips on exhibiting abroad, read our blog – ‘How to avoid the pitfalls of exhibiting internationally’.

5. The weight of your products

Before your stand is built it’s important to chat to your stand designers/builders about the weight of your products.

The choice of material they’re mounted on will be affected by their weight, as well as their mounting style (wall, desk, cabinet etc.)

The last thing you want is a product falling or being unstable, not only could this cause damage to your stand, but it could also be a health and safety hazard. So, get weighing!

6. Your messaging

Does your messaging match the products that are on display? As new products are released and others discontinued, you may find that your exhibition stand messaging needs changing.

Check this well in advance of the exhibition date, as changes may need to be made by stand designers, with new graphics designed and printed. Afterall, outdated messaging gives off the wrong impression.

Showcase your products with Be Exhibitions 

There can be many requirements of a well-built stand and promoting your products is just one, but it’s a very important one.

If you’d like your products to stand out, we can help.

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