Transforming Modular Stands into Custom Exhibition Marvels

There are advantages to a fully bespoke stand and advantages to modular exhibition stands. So when we combine them into a custom modular approach, we bring the advantages of both together, enabling a modular function with a custom and bespoke design. Leaving you with an exhibition stand you can truly be proud of.

Using different materials to create custom signage, hospitality areas, and eye-catching features, our custom modular stands are designed to draw attention and bring delegates to your stand. 

In this blog, we’ll explain exactly what custom modular is and provide examples of custom modular stands we’ve designed and built. But you’d never know they were modular by looking at them.

What is custom modular? 

Custom modular stands bridge the gap between portable modular stands and unique custom stands. Before we dive into the benefits of custom modular stands, let’s break down what both ‘custom’ and ‘modular’ mean in terms of exhibition stands, and how they differ from each other.

Modular stands are displays made up of set pieces that can be fitted together in a variety of ways, making them incredibly versatile. In fact, the number of ways in which you can organise them is limitless, depending on imagination, creativity and budget. This incredible adaptability makes them the ideal solution for businesses looking to exhibit regularly at different events, as the stand can be modified to each space.

Custom stands are exactly what they say in the title – stands that are custom made. The sky’s the limit when it comes to custom builds, and they’re the perfect option for businesses who want to stand out. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Custom modular is a hybrid blend of the two.

By combining these building approaches, our customers get the benefits of modular stand design and reusability with custom made elements, so your brand can truly shine on a stand that can be reused. A stand that looks custom made.

Who are custom modular stands for?

If you’re an exhibitor with a reasonable budget and would like to get the full value out of that budget, or if you’d simply like something that you can reuse for future events, then a custom modular stand is ideal for you. 

Custom modular stand made by us 

Custom modular stands are designed and built in a way that you wouldn’t know they were modular – they look custom made. Over the last six years, we’ve created custom modular stands that both ourselves and our customers have been proud of. 

Here are just a few of the custom modular stands Be Exhibitions have created: 



In order to make a splash at CES 2023, what3words needed a stand that made them approachable and interactive, as well as being efficient in showcasing their product and message. They also wanted something unique to their brand, ensuring they stood out on the exhibition floor. 

To achieve this, their custom modular stand included these custom elements:  

  • Custom ‘call-out’ sign going from floor to ceiling rig to replicate their app’s address feature
  • Custom wood slashes to replicate the logo as a design feature on the stand
  • Bespoke flooring with an LED 9sqm square, replicating their technology
  • Modular frame to build the video wall, meeting rooms and logo walls

The ‘call-out’ sign and custom flooring are created to replicate a design choice frequently used by the company across their advertising:  


Think Research 


Although the main body of their stand was modular design, Think Research had a few specific custom elements that they wanted integrated into their stand, which made them look far more custom than modular. These included: 

  • A free-standing ‘Think’ sign 
  • 3D bolt-logos 
  • An integrated coffee machine in the call of the store room 

Micro Nav


Although this Micro Nav stand didn’t have many custom elements, they were keen to steer away from the modular look by incorporating curves and a unique stand that appeared to be custom. 



Another example of a custom modular stand that looks entirely custom is this Avalara stand. 

With a stand that needed to overcome the challenge of a pesky pillar landing in the middle of the space, this stand design needed to be unique. The use of a plant wall not only looked distinctive to this brand, but it also pulled it away from the modular look. A custom logo sign in the living room wall section was a custom modification also. 

How can Be Exhibitions help?

When you partner with Be Exhibitions, we work with you to create modular stands that look like custom stands. So that you’re getting the best of both worlds. 

If you’d be interested in starting your custom modular stand journey, get in touch. 

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