Trade Show Stats

I often come across exhibitors that have either, fallen out of love with exhibiting or have been disenchanted by a disappointing return that they may have seen. I love exhibitions and they’re still considered one of the best forms of marketing. Don’t take it from me though, take a look at the following stats:

64% of trade show attendees are not current customers of the exhibitor’s companies – this is going to provide lots of opportunities for meaningful conversations with new prospects. Source: Exhibit Surveys 2015

92% of trade show attendess say their main reason for attending trade shows is to see new products being featured – are you providing your best chance to get your new product or service noticed at your next exhibition? Source: CEIR: The Role and Value of Face to Face

The perception of a brand that is not represented at an event falls by 5%. This is true even for global brands. Make sure you’re at the key events in your industry, for publicity and brand awareness. “The Power of Live Events”

76% of exhibitors say that their event is integrated with their other marketing campaigns. Exhibitors are choosing to create content from their exhibitions, such as video to use throughout the year in their other marketing campaigns. Source: EventTrack 2016 Experiential Marketing Report

It takes an average of 4.5 sales calls to close a sale without an exhibition lead, and only 3.5 sales calls to close a lead from an exhibition. The advantage of building an initial rapport and relationship with your prospects in a face-to-face environment can give you a quicker sale. Source: CEIR: “The Cost effectiveness of Exhibition Participation: Part II”

81% of trade show attendess have buying authority – visitors at trade shows are often the decision makers from companies, using time from the office constructively. Take advantage of this. Source: CEIR: The Spend Decision: Analyzing how exhibits fit into the overall marketing

We love exhibitions and exhibiting and are always willing to talk to all kinds of exhibitors about how they can get the most from their budget and brief.