Top 5 things to consider when featuring a vehicle on your exhibition stand

When it comes to designing your exhibition stand, we believe the sky’s the limit. No matter the size, a stand can truly sing when the right vision is created. At Be Exhibitions, we love it when a vehicle is part of this vision.

As an ideal opportunity for businesses to showcase their goods and services, exhibitions are the best time to go all out on presentation. This powerful marketing tool presents your business to thousands of people who may or may not have come across your unique products and services before. So, if a vehicle is part of – or aids with – these goods and services, why not include it in your stand?

A vehicle in an exhibition hall makes a statement, and if you’re part of an automotive event, it’s essential. To best illustrate the benefits of your vehicle, you need it there for all to see. After all – just talking about it can only go so far.

However, there are a few things to consider when thinking about featuring a vehicle in your exhibition stand:

1. Space only spaces

As a general rule, space only spaces are usually larger at automotive events, on account of the amount of vehicular displays the exhibitors use. It seems obvious, but a bigger space is a necessity if you’re looking to showcase a vehicle.

Therefore, if you are working with a smaller space, a vehicle may not be possible, given all the other things that your stand needs (e.g., seating areas or storage). However, this does not mean your options end there, small spaces can still work at automotive events. (See our later example).

2. How to best use larger spaces

If you’re using a vehicle on your exhibition stand, it’s important to consider the best use of the larger spaces available. Ask yourself, is the vehicle the highlight of the stand or is it to accompany your core product offering?

For our recent what3words stand, the use of the vehicle was to showcase:

  1. A strategic business partner
  2. The what3words technology being used in the real life environment of a car cockpit.

3. How high is the display?

The height of the vehicle display will directly affect your stand branding and messaging. Perhaps you’ll need to consider lower-level messaging or a simpler use of colours and logo. Whatever the height of your vehicle, it’s important to factor this in before diving into the rest of your stand design.

4. Pre-show activities

Organising the ancillary services associated with your vehicular display is an important stage for any exhibition event. If everything is left to the day, things will be missed.

Do you need to organise a valet before or during the show to ensure it stays spick and span? Or if you’re showcasing tyres, do you need to trim rubber spokes or blacken the rubber to show them at their best?

Pre-show activities like this are well worth considering in advance, to ensure nothing is forgotten about.

5. The rest of your display

If you’re designing a stand that incorporates a vehicle, the rest of your stand design will inevitably be impacted.

For example, your vehicle may be on a raised floor or at an angle to highlight a particular element, so do you already have one or do you need to discuss having one added with your builder?

Our previous vehicle stands

If it’s a stand designer and builder you’re looking for, we can help. Our experience in building exhibition stands for automotive shows and other events means we know how to best showcase your products while using a vehicle to drive home your branding and message (excuse the pun!). Whether you work with cars, motorcycles, trucks or buses.

Here are just a few of our recent clients who included a vehicle in their stand:



As mentioned earlier, what3words used a vehicle to showcase themselves as a strategic business partner, and to demonstrate the use of their technology in a real life environment.


CPD Bodies

As the leading commercial vehicle body builder in Teesside, Stockton, Middlesbrough and the UK, and repairer for 3.5t and 7.5t vehicles, it was crucial that CPD Bodies had truck or van representation on their stand. We were able to bring this to life for them.


Castle Minibus

For a smaller space that would not facilitate a vehicle, the Castle Minibus stand still championed their message and provided a valuable space to speak to customers.

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