Let’s Get Custom

At Be Exhibitions, we love using modular stands for their re usability and sustainability for our clients. Our dedicated Linx system does also mean there are no limitations when it comes to creating a stand that looks completely bespoke yet retaining its modular qualities. However, sometimes there are bespoke items that it can’t quite meet.

At Be Exhibitions, we recently got very excited as a project landed on our laps that meant we could get our extra creative juices flowing. On top of the modular stand that we were already providing, we were also asked to come up with a solution from a design on a scrap of paper for a game and a sign light that matched the branding of the company.

Working with trusted suppliers and with just three weeks to turn something of a large size round; we managed to get something from a sketch concept through to a fully working, manufactured and brand colour painted game to engage attendees of the show with.

We only work with the best in our sector. If you’re looking for a bespoke stand, a custom modular stand or just a bespoke element for your existing exhibition stand then get in touch. Quick turnarounds, the highest of qualities and the easiest of process make Be Exhibitions the award winning service it is.