Eco-friendly Exhibiting

We’ve seen a sharp increase in eco-friendly exhibiting. Our industry isn’t the most environmentally friendly and it’s very encouraging to see both exhibitors and organisers challenging that mindset. As an exhibitor though, apart from depending on the organiser, what can you do more during your time at the exhibition?

Carefully Consider Your Exhibition Stand

Whether you exhibit large or small, investigate with your display supplier or stand builder what you can reuse. This keeps production down, lowering your costs and the impact on the environment. At Be Exhibitions, we have partnered with Mossy Earth to further lower our environmental impact. For each exhibition stand that we supply, we plant trees to offset any carbon produced.

We also focus our efforts on using reusable exhibition stands. Whether they are portable, modular or bespoke, we look to design our stands with sustainability in mind. With this viewpoint in mind, we always get clients making the most out of their budgets.

Carefully Consider Your Graphic Design

Much like the exhibition stand or display you’re using, when talking to your graphic designer, keep in mind sustainability. If you can reuse your graphics, it will not only keep your costs down but keep your brand consistent between your events. Unless your message changes of course!

Carefully Consider Your Giveaways

If you’ve read our blogs before, you know we always want you to carefully consider your giveaways and not to go with something ‘just because’. When thinking about eco-friendly exhibiting however, think about something that the visitors to your stand can reuse again and have you positive connotations with your brand when they look at the product.

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