Our vision, our guarantee

We love getting to the heart of our client’s businesses as that enables us to design them the perfect exhibition stand. With this in mind, we thought it would be good to share with you our vision and your guarantee when it comes to using us.

Our Vision

Everything we do, we do with clarity and purpose, delivering our clients a stress-free approach to exhibiting and maximising client returns.

As a leading exhibition partner, we create stunning stands for amazing brands and business which enhance and encapsulate their vision.

Our aim is to be the human face of exhibiting, driven by the personal touch, honesty, integrity, open communication, quality and sustainability.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that from initial contact, through design, install and take down of an exhibition stand, you will receive honest, personal and impeccable customer service.

Communicating openly and honestly, we guarantee advice and designs which ensure your brand message received only the best coverage at exhibitions.

Our team are experts in their field and exhibitions will always be fitted by qualified installers, guaranteeing that you receive a stress-free approach every time you exhibit.

To know more about what it’s like to be one of our clients and to be part of our vision, give us a call on 01425 837005 or drop us a line at info@beexhibitions.co.uk

Hire vs Purchase

Exhibiting is an expensive part of a marketing budget, however to most companies, it is completely necessary. So, when looking at your budget, how do you decide the best way to get the most from it?

If you’re going down the stand design and build route, many stand builders will offer you an option of purchase or hiring an exhibition stand. This decision should be made based on a number of factors.

Considering the stand as an asset. If you’re a company that exhibits regularly then we would recommend purchasing an exhibition stand and treating it as an asset to your company. The stand can be re-used, re-configured and re-branded to suit any exhibition that you’re attending. You can keep the same graphics for each stand or update when needed. This is an initial purchase followed by only install costs for each event. It’s a cost-effect and brand consistent way of exhibiting.

A one off exhibition. If you only exhibit once a year or maybe once every two years then we would recommend you to hire your exhibition stand each time. This allows you freedom to try different stand builders out and also different stand types. It also allows you to focus all exhibition budgets together, making for better financial reporting.

Budgets. The budget that has been set aside for an exhibition stand may give you a better indication of what you can achieve. If you want high impact but lower cost then hiring is your way to go. Alternatively, if you know you will be exhibiting in the future and how frequently so, purchase is an option to consider.

If you’d like to know the options available to your company, head over to our contact page or scroll to the bottom of this page. We’re award winning exhibition stand builders, recognised for the service and stands that we provide.

Keeping it Green: One Tree at a Time

Since our partnership with Mossy Earth started at the beginning of this year, January 2019; we have planted 12 trees on behalf of our clients!

Each and every one of our clients has an amount of trees planted on their behalf, dependent on what they have bought from us. For example, a recent small Twist stand that we supplied, one tree was planted on behalf of that company. This has now lead to a partnership between Mossy Earth and that company to encourage a green practise for their activities.

For our recent Belgian stand, we have planted two trees, to offset the carbon produced. And looking to the future, more trees will be planted each time that we install the exhibition stand, much like what we have done with our client who has used us twice already this year.

Offsetting carbon for our clients sees no additional cost to them as we feel at Be Exhibitions, it is our responsibility to do this in response to the industry that we are in. We are helping to reforest parts of Ireland that have been destroyed in the past, providing natural habitats once again to the native animals that have declined in population as a result of that.

If you’d like to know more about what we do, please click on our ‘About’ page or get in touch.